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Our WardrobeTools products:
  • Wardrobe Planner: for business men and women to the stay-at-home mom and dads!
  • Go here to learn more:  www.wardrobe-planner.com
  • Wardrobe Assistant: for professional Image and Fashion Consultants, Fashion Stylists, Personal Assistants, Personal Dressers and Shoppers and similar! Go here to learn more:  www.wardrobe-assistant.com
  • Wardrobe Manager: for wardrobe professionals in the world of Entertainment, Fashion and Sports. Go here to learn more www.Wardrobe-Manager.com
  • Wardrobe Companion: the iPad and iPhone companions to the above. Go here to learn more http://www.wardrobe-companion.com



Add-On Modules

  • Dress schedules for: TV, Movie, Theatre (Act and Scenes), Musical Performance and Fashion Runway wardrobe, props and set changes.
  • Event/Tour Budgeting Module: Work up budgets for your Event, Tour, Trade Show, Fashion Show
  • Event Dates and Schedules Module
  • Venues and Venue/Event Advance Module
  • Event/Tour Guest List Module
  • Event/Tour Travel Module: Air and ground transportation and schedules
  • Event/Tour Hotel & Hotel Settlement Module:
  • Event/Tour Catering Schedule and Meal Planning Module
  • Event/Tour Model/Clothing Runway Schedule Module:
  • Expense Report Module
  • Invoicing Module
  • Most modules are add-ons so you pay for what you need and can add-on more at a later date
  • Custom design and modification is available!
The inventory item management is quick to set up. Import pictures, enter the name and description of each item. Add more picture if you like. The clothing tracker allows you to note the specific traveling case, drawer, or closet where each item is stored. This inventory software lets you classify items by numerous descriptor fields and allows you to assign them to specific cast members or musicians or costume assemblies or prop sets to sets.

Assembly management allows you to assemble wardrobe items, prop and set pieces into assemblies and quickly locate all the items that belong with that Assembly. You can create and save all your productions assemblies. Add and remove items from an assembly at any time or use the same item in multiple assemblies.

The calendar view allows you to track which outfits/costumes are to be worn on specific dates and at special events. Itís like having your very own wardrobe assistant right at your fingertips!

Schedule, track and record all of the alteration or creation details for each item. Never loose track of the status of an alteration again!

Now you can have a inventory management software system that allows you to:

  • Document inventory items with pictures
  • Document sizes, age, prices, and clothing designer
  • Categorize by Item Class: Wardrobe, Props, Set, Musical Instruments
  • Create and document Costumes with multiple photos
  • Assign wardrobe items individually or entire costumes to specific cast or band members and even crew if needed.
  • Track all alterations done to any item over time
  • Calendar module to plan and track what was worn and when to avoid duplication when necessary
  • Track the value of your items for tax purposes
  • Quickly generate and print a list of charitable donations.
  • Because all inventory item classes are stored in the same database, all reports and show change schedules can include wardrobe, props and set changes within the same schedule. The same is true for Assemblies.