Wardrobe Manager Software Overview

  WardrobeManager is the complete wardrobe inventory solution specifically designed for the world of Entertainment, Fashion and Sports.  

Not only does it serve the immediate wardrobe needs of the wardrobe staff; wardrobe managers and assistants, wardrobe mistresses and masters, costumers and costume managers, wardrobe assistants, athletic assistants, personal assistants and related professions, but also serves the needs of their respective production managers/coordinators, tour managers, fashion show planners and fashion designers, event planners, athletic departments, clothing designers to professional costume rental house managers.

Whether it's rock & roll, TV, Movies, theater, opera, ballet, fashion shows, circus, high school, college and professional sports, this helpful suite of wardrobe modules lets you quickly take control of your entire wardrobe inventory and manage your daily chores all under one roof.


How can this wardrobe management software help you and your staff?

  • Manage your star, band, cast or team wardrobe inventory.
  • Assemble items into costumes, ensembles or uniforms.
  • Associate wardrobe items to individuals.Track Wardrobe Inventory with Wardrobe-Manager
  • Track vital personal information about performers and crew.
  • Assign items to permanent and temporary storage.
  • Professional full body measurements for design, creation and alterations.
  • Create daily laundry/dry cleaning and repair lists.
  • Create lists for travel, charity, laundry, rentals and more.
  • Inventory your wardrobe "tools of the trade" and assign them to storage locations.
  • Generate lists for insurance and tax purposes.
  • Create carnets for border crossings
  • and shipments out of country
  • Document storage: Store documents such as resumes, costume patterns, prop and set designs and similar.
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When you need to manage wardrobe inventory, document measurements for new designs or modifications, assemble items into assemblies, know what is stored where permanently and temporarily, know what is in use, and track your performer wardrobe assignments, this the software is for you!

Are you managing multiple troops, productions, TV or movie shoots, music tours at the same time? No problem, Wardrobe Manager discretely isolates and allows you to manage as many as you need.

  Did we mention that our software is quick and easy to set up? Fill a few descriptors, add a picture and move onto the next item. Or, import an entire inventory worth of photos with the click of a button and fill in the descriptor data when you can!

WardrobeManager  is "easy to learn, easy to use and easy on your budget" and is the essential wardrobe inventory management software for Mac and Windows PC.

  Please Note: None of our WardrobeTools Software Products are available for purchase at the moment nor have they been priced. We are making these pre-purchase, fully functional demos available because of the enormous amount of interest shown in these products and the user's desire to test drive and become familiar with the software prior to us making them available for purchase!

We have a new addition to our
Wardrobe Tools suite of software products! WardrobeCompanion is the iPad and iPhone companion to our computer based products, WardrobePlanner, WardrobeAssistant and WardrobeManager. Go to www.wardrobe-companion.com for the full story or here for a quick overview.
  Did we mention that all WardrobeTools software products; Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant, and Wardrobe Manager, are compatible with Macs and PC's.

With additional software, WardrobeManager can be networked and accessed over the internet via Filemaker Server, Remote Desktop or VPNs!